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Our Quality

Perffec Lubricants Offering synthetic and mineral technology lubricants to the users of latest technology machineries, our ambitious technical concepts and experienced competent staff develop advanced, efficient high-performance lubricants

Perffec Lubricants supplies a range of different lube products that will protect your equipment and bring your engines to new heights of productivity. Our engineers work closely with many of the world's leading equipment manufacturers so that they can get the best possible knowledge of lubrication requirements.

All our products are developed by our engineers, all of whom have direct industry and plant experience.

In the professional Market Perffec Lubricants in one of the largest lube products provider enabling professional users to ensure maintenance of high quality machinery with reducing operating cost, An excellent service with a maximum variety of items to choose from the highly flexible delivery capabilities.

Health and Safety

We are committed to working in accordance with all the requirements of the Health & Safety policy. 

Environmental, health and safety values are also at the heart of everything that we do. We are committed to delivering on these values throughout all aspects of our business. This starts with the testing and research process and is carried through to production and delivery. And we don't just look at the lubricants themselves when considering environmental, health and safety issues. Furthermore, we take into consideration the containers and packaging that we use, as well as our manufacturing process.

This policy will be regularly reviewed at our ‘Management Review’ and will be updated when required to take account of organizational priorities and changes, health & safety legislation and best practice. 


Aim to process and dispatch a customer order as quickly as possible, we deliver to the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our Customers and Distribution channel serving Industry world-wide. We have joined together in effective sales and distribution network and we are constantly looking for new markets and ideas.

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